Solution Architect

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Striving for excellence is in our DNA. Since 1993, we have been helping the world’s leading companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software and digital experiences that change the world. We are more than just specialists, we are experts.


Currently we are looking for a Solution Architect for our Amsterdam office to make the team even stronger.


  • Gather information about high-level back-office architecture as well as about capabilities and limitations of the specific services. Produce technical solutions for the client application development team based on the gathered information and business requirements. Manage the technical documentation;
  • Discuss and negotiate technical solutions with architects of other components (i.e., services) to find the balance between development and operations efforts on various components while taking into account functional and non-functional requirements as well as business milestones;
  • Perform business requirements grooming with product owners, business analysts and tech leads;
  • Track the technical dependencies for the client application implementation;
  • Participate in planning activities, providing the input about technical complexity and dependencies status for specific requirements;
  • Support the development team throughout the development sprint by clarifying and further specifying the technical solutions where needed.


  • Ability to switch between the long-term focus-demanding tasks and short-term problems resolution during the working day;
  • Being proactive and able to work without the necessity of micromanagement;
  • Being able to appropriately prioritize the tasks that originate from different sources, based on tasks complexity, severity and urgency;
  • Ability to clarify the technical concepts, problems, and solutions to the non-technical audience as well as to transform business requirements into the technical solutions;
  • At least 4 years of software development experience. Among them - at least 1 year in the senior or lead position. Preferably in mobile development domain;
  • Understanding of TCP/IP model and it’s layers. General knowledge how essential internet technologies such as DNS, CDN, routing, proxies, VPN work;
  • Understanding of major computer science concepts such as algorithm complexity, data structures (lists, arrays, hash tables, hash maps, stacks, queues, graphs), recursive vs. iterative approaches;
  • Knowledge of most popular programming paradigms - imperative, OOP (class-based and prototype-based), functional, their pros and cons and at least brief experience in all of them (not necessarily professional experience);
  • Ability to read and create technical documentation for software development including UML diagrams and API descriptions;
  • Ability to develop scripts for automation, API stubs, analysis and prototypes when needed;
  • Experience in program languages on variety of abstraction levels is a plus (not necessary professional experience). I.e. experience in C, Java and Python;
  • Experience in data visualization and / or data analysis is a plus.

We offer

  • Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills;
  • Regular assessments and salary reviews;
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth;
  • Friendly team and enjoyable working environment;
  • Flexible working schedule enables work life balance;
  • Regular corporate and social events.